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    Q1. What is the USP of IEES?

    A1. India's larges Limited company in European Education

  • Indo European Search Engine and Online Brochure Management
  • Exclusive consultant for many top ranking universities
  • Proven Business Model Strong franchise support system

    Q2. What training support do you provide? Do you charge for the same?

    A2. No, we don't charge for training

  • We provide necessary training about overseas universities and courses offered by them
  • Training manuals are also given
  • Q3. What will be my ideal rate of return on investment?

    A3. Profitability will depend on the investment made, the revenues earned and the expenses incurred. It really depends on how effectively you can manage your business.

    Q4. How do I prepare the centre infrastructure?

    A4. Once the sign up process is over, we will visit the centre and mutually design it. Soft copy of Posters will be provided and can be printed as per the discussed plans.

    Q5. Is it possible to set up more than one IEES Branch?

    A5. Yes, it is possible to set up more than one IEES Branch. Many of our existing Business Partner's have done so in a very profitable manner

    Q6. Can I have more than 1 partner for the Branch?

    A6. It is recommended by IEES that can have no more than 2 partners for the venture.

    Q7. How long will it take to complete franchise partner selection process?

    A7. Once the application is received from the potential applicant, it takes 2-3 weeks more for the Franchise Partner selection process.

    Q8. After how many years will my license need to be renewed?

    A8. The initial validity for the license with IEES is three years. The license will be renewed at the end of third year depending on the mutual decision and terms and conditions prevailing during that time.

    Q9. What is the minimum manpower requirement to start the branch?

    A9. The manpower requirement varies and is based on centre capacity and location.Initially, however, you will need the following:

  • 1 Branch Head.
  • 1-2 Student Counselors.
  • 1 Front Office Executive / Tele-Caller
  • Q10. What will be the process for recruiting manpower?

    A10. Recruiting the manpower will be Franchisee's responsibility. Local people must be preferred so as to remove the communication barrier. Support can be provided by the Head Office.

    Q11. What is the process for selecting a site for the new branch?

    A11. Initially Business Partner has to enumerate a list of possible site locations for the new branch set up and best of all locations can be decided after discussing with IE Represenattives.

    Q12. What are the ongoing supports IEES will provide?

    A12. IEES will provide ongoing support in sales, marketing and admission and visa process through regular contacts by IEES officials.

    Q13. What kind of training is the franchisees provided?

    A13. Franchisees will be thoroughly trained on all aspects of counseling such as students satisfaction, training, sales, planning, marketing, administration, and so on. They are trained in all of the above aspects on the job. The Franchise staff is trained for 5 days where they undergo an induction training program at New Delhi Head Office.

    Q14. What kind of marketing support do you provide?

    A14. We help our franchise Partners in promoting sales through online marketing, providing support for local area marketing and so on.

  Contact for Franchise
  Ms. Sonia Sharma
  Franchise Development
  + 91 11 45656888
+91 - 7291980868
Simply the BEST SUPPORT I’ve ever experienced from a company! Today I am very happy for being a part of this. I appreciate their support and guidance. We feel that IEES is one of the best Study Abroad Consultants in India.
Trichy Branch....
I am very proud to be the part of Indo European as Franchise. I have had a wonderful, lucrative and productive experience from the IEES. The collaboration has brought a lot of business and every type of support.
Ms. Ishmeet Bagga
Noida Branch....
When I stop and look back my journey with Indo-European gives a blended flavor of sweet and sour. I take this opportunity to thank the whole team of indo European for your support in the smooth sailing of the branch. Hoping for an improved and high quality sophisticated support in the coming days.
Mr. S R Swamy
Pune Branch....
Indo European has been providing cost effective and constant services to enable my company to flourish. Their timely & strategic tie-ups with over 90 universities overseas have provided a big choice to students aspiring to study abroad. The process entails entrance of student into these prestigious universities more on the basis of student’s passion and motivation.
Mr. Shreyas Shah
Anand Gujarat Branch....