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Parents of Students
Sending a son or daughter away to university is difficult for any parent, but sending them to a university in a foreign country with which you may not be familiar is even more so. This section addresses some of the issues that are of most importance to parents.

Living conditions
Comprehensive information regarding living conditions, customs or other issues is available on the following website:
    .• Visit Europe

For information on exchange rates, please consult one of the links listed below:
    European Central Bank

The European Union countries all share a single European emergency call number-112 - in addition to their individual numbers. 112 is also the emergency number used for GSM cell phones worldwide. When dialing 112, the operator will speak in both the language of the country you are calling from as well as in English. Culture and Religion In Europe there are no distinctions or discrimination based on religion. Even though the majority of the population is Christian, all religions and their places of worship are accepted.