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Application Steps Choose a Country

This section contains practical details on applying to study in Europe. You can find out about the application, visa and residency requirements and the funding possibilities that exist.

The following general guidelines should be borne in mind, whatever country you choose to study in:

  • Leave plenty of time for the application process. Application submissions are usually required in the first few months of the year in which you are to study, but the process of finding a suitable institution and supervisor and drawing up a good proposal can take many months.

  • Foreign nationals should also inquire closely about the immigration requirements to avoid difficulties at the consulate. The Indo European Counselor can usually help with this.

  • Visa rules for studying and working can be quite strict, so do not assume you can legally take work during your spare time. On the other hand, research students can often conduct assistant research work (like giving seminars), so these possibilities should be looked into closely.

  • Make sure you take into account the language of instruction. English and other languages are increasingly used for degree and coursework, but they remain minority languages outside the United Kingdom and Ireland. Make sure you have adequate language proficiency and, if not, look into the possibilities of acquiring it before or after you arrive in your host country.