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About Armenia
Armenia is a country that is located in the southern Caucasus and is known for having the highest mountain peak in the region – Mt Ararat. Armenia is a growing democracy and is a scenic country of Europe. Around ninety five percent Armenians are Christians and in the Middle East, it was one of the first countries to convert to Christianity.

The capital of the Republic of Armenia is Yerevan and this is where almost all major universities and higher and secondary learning institutes are located. Information on study in Armenia can be found through many resources. Armenia is a great location for pursuing higher education as the costs are very affordable. Living costs in the Republic of Armenia are the relatively lower than those of other European countries. Communication costs are also one of the lowest in the entire world.

Armenia is one of the best countries when it comes to cheap and quality education. The Armenian people are friendly and welcoming and there is no problem of accommodation as rooms and apartments for rent are easily available. Armenian degrees are valid all over the world. Study and research in Armenia both are slowly gaining much importance and Armenia will soon be a hub of learning.

Why study in Armenia?

Armenia is a great country for research and higher education. It is a country that had a very old heritage and picturesque scenery. The breathtaking landscapes and high mountains are just a few attractions of the country. There are many other locations that are of great interest to tourists.

Armenia has many popular universities that provide quality higher education. There are several reasons why Armenia is a preferred location for higher studies. There is greater focus on law, business and medicine and these are the major fields of study and research in Armenia. If you wish to pursue a career in one of these, you can find no other country better or cheaper than Armenia.

The tuition fee is one of the lowest in the entire European Union and there are several programs that help with the many expenses of deserving students. It is also very easy to obtain a student visa for studying in Armenia. Students can either apply online or by filling a form and submitting it at the Consulate. Study in Armenia consultants can also help you get a visa easily. Moreover, Armenia also offers students who wish to return to Armenia, opportunities to start their very own business. Federal assistance is also provided for those who wish to pursue research within the country.

Armenia has a very rich culture and Armenians are friendly and open. International students never feel estranged in Armenia. There are a number of ways to keep yourself occupied at your free time. Armenia has a working society made up of individuals who are trying to work together for the greater good. Armenia has a diverse culture and many business opportunities for those who are willing to work. For anyone who wishes to add to their skills and get a successful and bright career, Armenia is the only choice for higher education.

  1. Two Visa Application Forms (please make sure that both forms are duly filled out and signed indicating especially the address of your future residence in Armenia-(question 15) as well as your complete address including telephone No. and E-Mail-address in India).
  2. Signed Declaration on True and Complete Information
  3. Three passport pictures according to biometric specifications
  4. Visa fee to be paid through Demand Draft made out to the "Embassy of the Federal Republic of Armenia" in New Delhi
  5. Valid passport with a validity of at least 12 months along with two copies of all printed pages
  6. Cover letter from applicant, explaining the exact purpose and duration of your stay in Armenia
  7. Letter of admission from the German University
  8. Proof that study fees have been paid, if applicable. In case the fees are not paid or due yet, proof has to be provided that the necessary amount will be at the applicant's disposal in due course of time
  9. School Leaving Certificate of Secondary School
  10. University Certificates (Degree Certificates and Mark Sheets)
  11. Proof of Language Proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS, original and A 4 sized copy). Exemptions do apply in case of a written confirmation from the University that this requirement may be waived, for applicants for PhD / Doctorate studies and Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Holders.
  12. Proof of accommodation is required in order to fill the same in visa form & to attach in the file.
  13. Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your studies by any of the following means:
    1. Confirmation of scholarship/ Stipend
    2. Formal sponsorship letter from a sponsor living in Armenia ("Verpflichtungserklärung" according to Article 68 German Residence Act)
    3. Blocked account ("Sperrkonto") in Armenia in the name of the applicant showing a minimum balance of Euro 7905, & the remark that the account holder can dispose of a monthly amount of Euro 659.
    4. For information with regard to the procedure of opening a blocked account in Armenia please contact a bank in Armenia or an international bank of your choice.
    5. Confirmation of an annually renewable bank guarantee from a bank in Armenia in the amount of Euro 7905
    6. It is highly recommended that that the money transfer is made by international bank transfer. Do not send bank demand drafts, money orders or cheque to open the block account.
  14. From the moment of entering the Federal Republic of Armenia you are upon request required to provide proof of a valid Health Insurance. This may be done through a regular Travel Health Insurance bought in India.

    However, as soon as you formally register & enroll with the German University & begin your studies a regular Travel Health Insurance loses its validity. You are required to get a valid Health insurance from a German Insurance provider. equired to provide proof of a valid Health Insurance. This may be done through a regular Travel Health Insurance bought in India.

  1. Student has to show the confirmation of fee receipt, after the payment of tuition fees.
  2. But in case there is a less fee & that student has to pay after arrival in Armenia, then in that case student has to show Saving Account statement showing the sufficient balance that student is able to pay his tuition fees.
  3. Also student has to show the income proof of his earning family member like parents, & it should include salary account statement or salary slips, etc.-(It is required as embassy ask from where you will going to bear your next year living expenses so student can show this that his family is earning this much that they can support him for further studies & for further living)
  4. Sponsorship letter is also required from parents.
  5. Any third party can also sponsor so, in that case income proof of third party, sponsorship letter from third party & relationship proof will be required.

  1. Armenia Official website
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