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About Switzerland
Switzerland is known for its beautiful scenic views and snow capped mountains. People from all over the world; visit the country just to catch a glimpse of the long stretches of greens and glaciers. The country lies in the midst of Central and Western Europe and is landlocked from all the sides. France from West, Italy from the South, Liechtenstein and Austria border it from the east and Germany from the north. The geography of the country is divided between the Swiss Plateau, the Alps and the Jura.

Switzerland is a very affluent country and this truth is greatly emphasized by the fact that every adult in this country has the highest nominal wealth in the world. Moreover, the citizens of Switzerland are known to have the 2nd highest life expectancy throughout the globe. Another highlighting feature of the country is its ties with the Netherlands for the top position in the ranking of most corruption free countries.

With all these assets, anyone will simply love to come to this country and be a part of it for studying and living. The eminent cities of Geneva and Zurich offer one of the highest quality lives in the world and students aspiring for studying in Switzerland should try to get admission in either of these cities. Information about study in Switzerland is readily available online as the country has several websites providing genuine details about the country and its education and economic system. These websites also provide information about study opportunities in Switzerland.

The diversity of climates and landscapes in the country makes it easier for any international student to come and stay in the country and adjust to its geography.


Why Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is a highly progressive nation and has been greatly hailed for its educational reforms and strategies. The country considers good education system imperative for the political stability, innovations and increase in its wealth. The main resource behind the growth of Switzerland has always been research and knowledge and that is why the country has always acknowledged the role played by the foreigners in its development, business acumen, research and innovation.

The country is recognized the world over for its excellent education system and attracts thousands of foreign citizens every year for studying different subjects. The Swiss universities offer graduation degrees, masters and doctorate in various subjects. The teaching and administrative facilities in these institutions are at par with the international standards and offers high-class quality learning opportunities.

The public institutions generally fund the Swiss universities and the investment in research and education in this country is considered the highest among all the OECD countries. That is the reason why, the country has the highest number of patents registered in its name among all the European countries. Moreover, the country also boasts of the maximum number of Noble Prize laureates. This makes study in Switzerland one of the best options for the students aspiring to study abroad.

All the universities in Switzerland provide their courses based on the Bologna system. According to this system, the undergraduate studies are further culminated into a bachelor's degree, which can be further advanced to a Master's degree and then to the PhD programs. All these educational programs are designed for a variety of areas and cutting-edge research and technology.

You can choose from the vast courses including medical and engineering study in Switzerland. Some of the best universities and educational institutions in the country include University of Basel, University of Fribourg, University of Bern and more. Switzerland has lot to offer, it is up to the student to choose the right field.


Documents Required:

Student with a stay in Switzerland for more than 90 days

The authorization lies in the competence of the canton in Switzerland, therefore kindly submit 3 application forms and 2 sets of the required documents as specified below:
  1. Valid national passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 3 months validity after the scheduled return; with at least two blank pages); passports with observations regarding the front page (bio data) cannot be accepted.
  2. 4 passport size pictures, not older than 6 months (size 35 – 40 mm in width, no copy or scanned picture) : 3 pictures pasted on the three application forms , the 4th picture to be clipped face down on top right hand corner of the form, stapled or pinned pictures cannot be accepted; for more details, please refer to :
  3. 3x Visa application form completed, all forms signed in original by the applicant & authorization for third person if applicable
  4. Previous passport if any
  5. 2 x (1 original + 1copy) personal covering letter signed by the student mentioning:
    • The reason for pursuing studies in Switzerland
    • Future plans: professional development intended by the student after having finished his / her studies in Switzerland, explanation on how the student is going to benefit from his / her studies in the future
    • A confirmation that the student will leave Switzerland after completion of the studies
  6. 2 x copies acceptance / confirmation / registration letter from the school, university, etc. in Switzerland confirming that the school entrance fee has been paid (with relevant bank statement) – if applicable
  7. 2 x copies proof of academic degrees (previous diplomas / certificates / English language certificates such as TOEFL or IELTS or language certificates of German, French or Italian language if available) and 2 x curriculum vitae
  8. 2 x copies proof of financial status by the applicant or the sponsoring person (parents etc.) if no fellowship is granted (all documents have to be in format A4):
    • If Employed:
      • Last 3 month’s salary slips and last 3 month’s salary bank account statements
      • Last 3 month’s personal bank account statements
      • Personal Income Tax Return for the last 2 years
    • If Self-Employed:
      • Business registration certificate / Partnership Deed / Proof of proprietorship, or other proof of ownership
      • Last 3 month’s personal & business bank account statements
      • Company’s Income Tax Return for the last 2 years
  9. 2 x clear photocopies of valid Schengen Visas and of valid UK/USA visas (if any)
  10. If you have been refused a visa by an Embassy or High Commission in the last 2 years: 2 x copies of refusal notice or a written explanation about the reasons of travel and refusal
  11. 2 x clear photocopies of the 1st and last page of the passport (bio data)
  12. Visa fee : EUR 60.00 adults + postal charges + additional fee if language test is required

Kindly note: Depending on the school / university chosen by the applicant, the Embassy may ask for additional documents or may evaluate the student’s language skills by conducting a language test.

The German Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents!
Important Facts to remember during file submitting:

Link to check VISA Fee -

Link to check VISA Fee -

Important information

  1. Student has to show the confirmation of fee receipt, after the payment of tuition fees.
  2. But in case there is a less fee & that student has to pay after arrival in Switzerland, then in that case student has to show Saving Account statement showing the sufficient balance that student is able to pay his tuition fees.
  3. Also student has to show the income proof of his earning family member like parents, & it should include salary account statement or salary slips, etc.- (It is required as embassy ask from where you will going to bear your next year living expenses so student can show this that his family is earning this much that they can support him for further studies & for further living)
  4. Sponsorship letter is also required from parents.
  5. Any third party can also sponsor so, in that case income proof of third party, sponsorship letter from third party & relationship proof will be required.

Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi

  1. Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021
  2. Tel: 011-4995-9500

  1. Switzerland Official website
    Website :-
  2. Switzerland Consulate
    Website :-

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