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About Finland
Being eighth largest country of Europe, Finland has also maintained itself to be the 6th peaceful country in the world. The official language of Finland is Finnish but Swedish and English are widely spoken languages there. Unlike other European countries, Finland considers social security and healthcare facilities very essential and thus financed by the government. Finland holds a unique location where it has neighboring countries like Sweden, Russia and Norway.

In 2017, Finland celebrated its 100 years of independence. It has reached to one of the best quality of life in the world. Innovation, best education system and excellent healthcare facilities are among the key attributes to describe Finland. Along with this, Finland is also known for its academic excellence and even it has now become the preferable choice of Indian students to pursue their higher education. Finland’s higher education system is widely respected as it has great international connections, low hierarchies, and academic freedom.

Finland Education System majorly focuses on problem-solving and self development teaching approach which makes it unique and fruitful for student’s welfare. Finnish Universities offer English taught bachelor and master degree programs which are taught using innovative teaching methods. Universities also offer attractive scholarship opportunities to international students. As of now, more than 20,000 international students are studying in Finland and the number is rapidly increasing due to the availability of best quality education and facilities.

Finland repeatedly ranks in the top five for PISA scores; Finns borrow more library books than any other country in the world. Acquiring a finnish degree would be the best opportunity for the students as it is globally admired and it would be highly valued while considering for job.

Why Study in Finland?

After knowing some important facts about Finland, you might be wondering about the major reasons to Study in Finland. There are total 13 public universities in Finland in which some of them are multidisciplinary and some are specialized universities.

International Students in Finland will have a homely feel there due to warm culture and welcoming environment. Finland has been rated as one the safest, happiest and eco-friendly countries in the world.

  • Finland has top-notch universities and colleges which offer wide choices among degree programs and course of studies
  • Finnish universities offer very attractive i.e. up to 50% of scholarships to international students
  • In Finland, universities are more focused to practical teaching rather than theoretical one and even students are encouraged to participate in classroom interactions.
  • One of the foremost reasons to choose Finland for higher education is academic freedom and equality. You will be treated exactly as Finnish students in terms of teaching and opportunities.
  • Since the Finland has the best living standard, it will lead you to live a quality of life along with better safety and healthcare facilities.
  • Unlike other Nordic countries, Finland allows the maximum part-time work to international students which is 25 hrs/week
  • In Finland, students can apply for PR only after 4 years
  • Finland offers 1 year Post Study Work Visa

Documents Required:

  1. Complete visa application form signed in by the applicant along with his/her wherein the embassy requires the original documents
  2. Valid passport which must be valid for 3months after the journey date with a validity of 10 years and must have two blank pages
  3. Photocopies of all relevant pages of passport in colour
  4. Two passport sized color photo:
  5. For less than 90 days, you don’t need residence permit in Finland, however if the stay exceeds more than 90 days you would need residence permit, please refer
  6. If it’s for post-graduate studies (after master’s) you have to apply for residence permit scholar visa
  7. The latest educational documents/degrees has to be attached (which is not required for degree students and exchange students)
  8. For financial support you must have sufficient means to live in Finland, wherein you must have 560 EUR for your disposal which includes accommodation, food and any other basic necessity. For a two year stay 13440 is the amount that has to be the proof of financial support.
  9. Insurance is mandatory which will cover the cost of the student becomes ill in Finland, the insurance must be private that bears medical and pharmaceutical expenses
  10. Tuition fees are charged from Finnish institutions of higher education, it must be proved that the amount can be paid by the student. You have to attach the receipt of tuition fees if paid before reaching Finland, in case you would be paying the tuition fees after reaching please attach the necessary documents to suffice that you will be able to pay the fees. In case you’re exempted of tuition fees from Finnish Institutions you have to support the same with the documents.
  11. Certification clearing or stating the acceptance/ attendance from your educational institution of Finland.
  12. IELTS or MOI to be attached by the student during the application.
  13. Biometric data has to be captured, and that is mandatory for anyone who is above 12 years.
  14. Official certificates concerning family ties, such as birth and marriage certificates, must be legalized if they are not issued by Nordic authorities. If the documents are not in Finnish, Swedish or English, they must be accompanied by a translation into one of these languages by an authorized translator. Both the original documents and their translations must be legalized.

Points to remember

  1. Residence permits are not granted for studies at open universities.
  2. If you have been accepted to study at an educational institution that is not a higher education institution, your studies must lead to a vocational qualification or a degree.
  3. Family members can visit or have residence permit based on the family ties
  4. Application can be only taken when the student is a valid citizen of India.
  5. Finnish immigration service will make the final statement regarding your application procedure.
  6. There might be interview based on the application procedure for granting the visa to the individual, in that scenario the individual has to be present before the Finnish mission or Finnish immigration service.
  7. The Finnish Immigration Service processes all residence permit applications for studies as high-priority applications. You can find the expected processing times on the page processing times. You might be asked for additional documents if required.
  8. Decision for the entire visa procedure may take 60-75 days, which is totally on the Finnish immigration Service

Embassy of Finland in New Delhi

  1. Address: E-3, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
  2. Tel: +0091-11-41497500
  3. Fax: +0091-11-41497550
  4. E-mail:

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