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About Crotia
Croatia, along with a longest coastline, thousands of islands, a lot of villages, and popular history, has a population of more than 4 million people. Made up of 1246 beautiful islands, Croatia is a proven exciting place with activities, such as, camping, hiking, luxury hotel relaxation, and spa to be explored. Along with its renowned seafood and wine, Croatia’s truffles are a special delicacy.

Along with being a part of the European Union for a long time, Croatia, a Central European and Mediterranean country, is blessed with beautiful nature, beaches, mountains, good quality cuisine, and historical sites. It is not only the safest country, but it also is well known for certain innovators who have given us a wider range of innovations, for example the fountain pen by Slavoljub Pekala, AC remote by the future innovator, Nicole Tesla, and several other nobel prize winners.

Croatia, with more than 40 lakh population, is a tourist destination by virtue of its beautiful coastline, 8 national parks, and tall peaks. Suitable for all the age group of tourists, Croatia is an affordable spot for holidays. After the fashion of necktie, the historical significance and well-noted football game, it is further known for the stunning Zagreb Christmas market. Around 81% of the people here are English speakers where its majority speaks Italian.

Why Study in Crotia?

A Better Place for Students

Croatia, a diverse country, is a renowned study abroad place. With the existence of international cooperation offices at several institutes, its well settled universities make an easy survival for its international students to resolve any crucial matter. For the students who aren’t able to manage their finances, the Croatian government provides them with various scholarship programmes for both the national and international pupils. According to recent research, Croatia employees more than 50,000 foreigners yearly.

Diverse Culture and Food

Croatia is a place where everything around would take oneself to the past inclusive of its ancient culture, heritage, and traditions. Be it oldest public theatre or sixth biggest roman amphitheatre which not only attracts all its national population, but it also would be an attractive point for the tourists for various festivals and cultural celebrations.

Besides some renowned dishes of Croatia, such as Truffles, Oysters, and Dormouse from various parts of the nation, Croatian olive oil is admired all over the country. Additionally, the variety of grapes in Croatia produce the finest wine abroad, and its winery, a great tourist spot, is worth visiting.

Academic Development

Alongwith the natural beauty, mixed cultures, and incredible safety, Croatia has a lot to offer when it comes to academic traditions. More than a hundred degree courses here are being provided in the English language, to exemplify, world class IT programs or even a graduate or undergraduate medicine degree.

Lifestyle for International Students

For students, one of the easiest ways to live can be a student dormitory which can be achieved by getting in contact with the student dormitory accommodation much before the admission. The dormitory may contain a cafeteria, gyms, science labs, and various other social activities spaces. Apart from the dormitory, various private accommodations are available.

There are several other adventurous amenities for the students, for instance, Dense wooden mountains, rolling hills, plains, coastlines, and lakes are open for all the nature explorers. It is, indeed, a great place for the tourists and for spending weekends.

Croatian Universities

  • Algebra University College

Documents Required

  • Photocopy of passport ( Minimum 6 months validation)
  • Completely filled visa application form
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Admission letter from the university
  • Till dats academic proofs
  • Consent letter of parents (in case of student’s age less than 18 years)
  • Flight tickets
  • Sponsor ID proofs
  • Vaccination card of yellow fever and typhoid diseases

Embassy of Croatia

Croatian Embassy in New Delhi

  1. Address: A-15, West End, 110021 - New Delhi, India
  2. Phone: +91-11-5166-3101/ +91-11-5166-3102/ +91-11-5166-3103
  3. Fax:+91-11-2687-6873/ +91-11-5166-3100
  4. Email:

Croatia Consulate in Mumbai

  1. Address:A/52, Darshan Apartments, Mt. Pleasant Road, 400006 - Mumbai, India
  2. Phone:+91-22-2367-8451
  3. Fax:+91-22-2202-1174
  4. Email:

Croatia Consulate in West Bengal

  1. Address:Poddar Court 9th Floor, Gate No. 1, 18 Rabindra Sarani, 700 001 - Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  2. Phone:+91-33-2225-0352/ +91-33-2225-4147
  3. Fax:+91-33-2225-0348
  4. Email:

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