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About Slovenia
Slovenia, a central European country, is one of the tallest and oldest countries globally with quite a texture of cultural creation. It is noted for its athletes, inclusive of a few famous sports like hiking, paragliding, and cycling and worth noted for the world famous currency, Euros. It not only indulges classic flavors of its local food, but its nature also speaks for itself as being called as the green land suffice its beauty in the heart of domestic as well as global citizens.

By virtue of its name, the green land, it makes one of the charming places, making a room for tourist spot for all the age groups initiating from children looking for adventures of life to the elderly spending the retirement holidays, wondering across the globe. It has a youthful appeal, as it is full of students exploring the universities for higher education with world class learning pattern, waiting to give its native and international students a breath-taking experience and growth opportunities. It consists of both the public and private university education offering multiple study fields to meet future job expertise being considerate of native and international standards.

The educational quality is taken very seriously and the process of delivering the learning is considered thoroughly with constant application of growth promising educational patterns. Slovenia, a fine and fluent English speaking country, is easily traveled by many youths with no barrier of communication barriers.

It is a very friendly and socially active place which believes in helping its international students to settle in and providing similar amount of welcome to all the non natives with an extra dose of cultural programs, trips, parties, and fun activities. This is made sure by ESN (Erasmus Student Network) which is present in all the universities. Slovenian higher education welcomes an ideal student life with excellence being delivered timely in face of success and future growth opportunities with an exciting environment which never let you bore and are admirable for its beautiful nature, food, sports, and academics.

Why Study in Slovenia?

If you are wondering why selecting Slovenia over several other countries providing multiple opportunities, the reason is its wide variety of educational fields consisting of colorful options, such as, music, art, theatre and radio, IT and computer, architecture, engineering, social work and various other options, several universities provide to its national and international students.

Rising no. of students bringing higher standards

One of the biggest reasons is the wider acceptance of English language in many study fields and eradicating the barriers of communication among its global audience. Study options are presented and brought into consideration of individuals through various strategies, such as, fairs, webinars, and conferences.

Easy and Zero Cost Access to Learning Slovene language

In lieu of a wider acceptance to English language fields, Slovene language becomes a mandate after a course of time as it is spoken by approximately 2.5 million people sitting across the Slovenia and this particular language is spread across many parts of the country which is easily possible to grab as it could be done online at no cost. Students can get easy access to learning and making their mandate Slovene subject’s journey comfortable which would be just a click away.

Offer Better Health Insurances

International students with their health insurance in one of the EU member states, such as, Australia or countries Slovenia has bilateral agreement based on social insurance are an easy access to work and use health services during their stay of study.

Granted work access

Students are allowed to work for part time via referrals from agencies, also known as, Student Services (SS) which offers a wider variety of job opportunities to be selected from the list provided by the agencies around Slovenia. A few documents, for instance, ID, Bank Account details, Tax no. Residence proof is must to go ahead.

(Partner University)

Documents required for all the Degree Programs:

  • PCC(Police Clearance Certificate) – in Slovenian language
  • Valid Visa Application Form
  • Valid Passport and other identification documents
  • All academic diplomas and university documents
  • Health Insurance – 30,000 Euros yearly and other medical documents if required
  • Bank Balance certificate and statement - 6 months
  • Curriculum Vitae

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