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About Belgium
Belgium, the heart of Europe, is a small western European country which is bordered by Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the Netherlands. Being the cosmopolitan city of 11.5 million, it is a worth-seeing travel destination with enthralling constructions all around which lures the masses, and takes them to the world of fantasy. Kingdom of Belgium, known for its toothsome chocolates, waffles, and wider variety of beers, promises advanced lifestyle and qualitative and budget friendly academics to the students, the world over.
Due to its globally renowned universities, advanced infrastructures, multiple language availability, Belgium with almost a quarter of international citizens, have proven to be an appropriate fortune to look for qualitative studies and career abroad. These citizens are either settled or studying who are even now called by the name of “New Belgians”.
Study in Belgium imparts more than two language speaking communities which consist of the classic Dutch, the noted French, the brief portion of German speaking communities, also, English is a widely accepted and spoken language here due to its huge international population. If you are looking for Europe studies, Belgium with 99% literacy rate and as a founding member of the European Union, is an exciting option providing you with a multilingual, multicultural national, and international study environment.

Why Study in Belgium?

Belgium studies offer 1146 study programs consisting of long and short-term or vocational professional training to be selected among 65 well-noted spread universities. With a huge variety of options open towards its international students, Belgium offers diversified and the world class education system, low cost tuition fees, all degree programs at public institutions that are subsidised by the government, and an immense majority of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in French and Dutch. Moreover, it even includes a huge section of English oriented doctorate and master’s programs with a minimal cost of foreign language, to exemplify, Dutch and French classes.

Affordable Tuition Fees and Scholarship

1. Tuition Fees - With reasonable fees structure, international as well as European students are doing great in academics. There is a minimal fee structure for the international students for most of the courses ranging between 800 to 900 Euros might see a rise in case of higher study programs, for instance, MBA, dentistry, medical programs.
2. Scholarship - Not only the public schools by the government but also many of Belgium’s private sectors further provide scholarships to the needy students who have a strong will power to meet their designated aim of higher studies leading to particular achievements professionally.

Diversified Culture and Language

1. Culture and Food - Not only does this country have multiple languages, but it also deals with diversified cultures, for instance, the saxophone is Belgium’s invention. Along with its music, it has multiple other varieties including architecture, food, cultural programs that are famous, the world over. It is the country of comics, art, and cartoons like ‘The Smurfs’ and ‘Tintin’. Every individual across the world appreciates the taste of Belgian pastry, its chocolates, waffles, more than thousand varieties of beers, and world widely accepted fries.
2. Language - Another major aspect of study in Belgium takes us towards an interesting fact that it has officially three languages, French, Dutch, and German. One studying from here, would surely have an advantage of knowing multiple foreign languages as an extra benefit added to their work profession which would lead to an easy access to career growth.


Belgium, pupil’s friendly country, just a few miles away from many heart-touching European cities, for instance, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, is an easily affordable place offering certain benefits to students especially when they choose to stay in a dormitory, though living privately might cost more. Dormitory might range for 200 Euros per month, but private living may cost between 300-500 Euros. An overall cost for staying in Belgium may lie between 800-1000 Euros, whereas Brussels, the capital region, ranges somewhere between 600-800 Euros. As a student, this expense could be dragged to even less than 400 Euros with a certain student discount, opting for a cycle for the mode of transportation, and cooking at home rather than eating out would help a student reduce the cost to 50% of expenditures.

Businesses and its Economy

Belgium, a home to more than 2000 international businesses, is one of the world’s largest press communities with a hand shake of NATO and EU institutions. It has financial tie ups not only with its capital region, Brussels but also within Europe and the world over. Hence, Belgium has one of the highest levels of security, liberty, education and quality of life as an overall.

Documents Required:

Note - Complete documents are needed to be uploaded in a single PDF and ought to be written in Latin alphabets or else translated.

Bachelor's degree required docs:-

  1. Scan copy of passport Bio data page – with at least 12 month of validity
  2. Language Proficiency Certificate - IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo - With minimum of B2 level
  3. Academics Originals – School’s certificates, college degrees or any extra Diploma
  4. Picture of Profile with light background

Post graduation's degree required docs - Along with all the documents stated above, kindly include the following:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Portfolio (Only with Space and Service Design Course)

For Visa Requirements:-

  1. Admission Letter from Thomas More
  2. Proof of Solvency
  3. Medical Certificate - approved by the Belgian embassy
  4. Proof of Good Conduct - Inclusive of background check legally as well as personally

* Visa documents may vary from country to country. Above stated documents are for standard documents, for more information and accuracy, kindly refer to the Belgian embassy/ consulate.

Embassy of Belgium

  1. 50-N, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi-110021
  2. Phone – 011-4242-8000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

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Where can I get my medical certificate from?

Will it charge to legalize the medical certificate and what is the process?

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Is a passport needed to be sent with an application?

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What is the cheapest mode of transportation in Belgium?

What tuition fees could be expected for a student?